• This Resident Center provides resources for Residents in OBGYN, family practice and other residency programs who are being trained in performing colposcopy. 

    Residents’ Assessment of Competency in Colposcopy Exam  (RACCE) - This Exam allows Residency Directors the opportunity to test the knowledge of their Residents in colposcopy. It consists of questions that assess medical knowledge, diagnosis/pattern recognition, biopsy placement, and management. 

    Resident Reading Program in Colposcopy - Available exclusively to ASCCP Members, the Resident Reading Program in Colposcopy includes select articles surrounding the topics of screening for cervical cancer, management of abnormal cervical cytology, treatment of cervical disease, and much more. This Reading Program not only provides Residents with access to important articles published on colposcopy, it also includes quizzes that will test their knowledge on what they have just read.

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