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  • DOTS Educational Tool for Cervical Cancer Screening

    The Decreasing Overtreatment and Screening (DOTS) educational tool was developed over several years as an intervention tool to help women understand the new guidelines for cervical cancer screening. It covers the natural history of HPV infection and describes what a Pap smear is, how often women need Pap smears and current recommendations if the Pap is abnormal.  It provides in video and illustration, the process of getting a Pap smear and what happens when it is abnormal.  

    Its development was spearheaded by experts in the field of reproductive/women's health and informed through multiple series of focus groups and interviews conducted in English and Spanish with women in the community to ensure messaging was clear and appropriate for young women.  Community stakeholders including Latinas Contra Cancer and the National Cervical Cancer Coalition were also key collaborators in the tool's development.  The educational tool was piloted and tested over two years via a tablet device among women aged 18-35 and underwent multiple phases of improvements and updates.  


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