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  • Residents' Assessment of Competency in Colposcopy Exam

    ASCCP partnered with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to utilize hundreds of colposcopy images from the NCI's archive in the redesign of its Residents’ Assessment of Competency in Colposcopy exam. In addition to the photographs from the NCI, the revised ASCCP examination provides a real-world interactive format for assessing medical knowledge, diagnosis and patient management competencies in colposcopy. Read more about this innovative collaboration which yields a "Teaching Tool" for cervical cancer screening by clicking here.

    Exam Format

    ASCCP’s online Resident Exam is 1-hour in length and consists of both multiple-choice and image-based questions. The first part is a series of multiple-choice questions that test overall knowledge of colposcopy principles and practice.  The second and third parts focus on lesion recognition and case management, with questions based on the recognition of abnormalities of the cervix, vulva, and vagina.

    Recently updated to reflect Colposcopy Standards recommendations, the exam now incorporates updated terminology and includes multiple-biopsy capabilities allowing residents to mark images with two biopsy locations that best confirm their colposcopic impression.


    Through the use of the exam, we hope to help residency programs assess both their residents’ colposcopy skills as well as their own teaching program. It is an excellent assessment tool that is inexpensive and easy to administer. Residents can take the exam once per academic year and the exam fees are based on number of residents (total payment, not per resident):

    • 1-5 residents:        $75
    • 6-10 residents:      $150
    • 11-15 residents:    $225
    • 16-20 residents:    $300
    • 21-25 residents:    $375
    • 26-30 residents:    $450
    • 31-35 residents:    $525
    • 36+ residents:       $600

    The exam site follows the July 1 to June 30 academic year schedule. Regardless of when exams are purchased, any exams that have not been used by June 30 (of any calendar year) will expire.

    Assigning the Exam

    After purchasing access to the exam through ASCCP, program directors and/or or their designee, will be able to enroll their residents in the exam site and may assign the exam at their discretion. Once assigned an exam in the system, residents will receive a code from the exam site. Once the code is entered, the exam must be completed within one hour and at one sitting. The exam does not have to be taken by all the residents at the same time and, if allowed, it may be taken at home so it does not interfere with clinical duties and work hour restrictions.

    After taking the exam, immediate feedback is sent to the resident and their program director. The performance report will show the resident’s individual overall score as a percentage, as well as a peer comparison using point scores computed from weighted questions with data provided as a percentile score comparing their performance to other residents at that specific level of training (similar to the scoring of the CREOG exam).

    ASCCP has not established a certain percentage in which it considers a passing score, and therefore, leaves it to the discretion of the individual residency program to determine the pass/fail score used to evaluate competency of their residents.

    Additional Information and Invoicing

    If you are ready to purchase access to the exam, or have questions, contact us at


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