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  • Founding Members & Past Presidents


    Wayne F. Baden, MD* Joseph W. Scott, MD*
    John R. Bise, MD Robert S. Scott, MD
    Phillip Brass, MD* Hugh M. Shingleton, MD*
    T.K. Dempeer, MD Jose E. Torres, MD*
    Calvin T. Hull, MD* Robert J. Trace, MD
    William E. Jaques, MD* Winston H. Weese, MD*
    George Kyriazis, MD Paul C. Weinberg, MD*
    Albrecht W. Schmitt, MD* C. Curtis Young, MD
    George T. Schneider, MD*  


    Warren Lang, MD* 1964-1967
    Karl A. Bolton, MD* 1967-1969
    Thomas Ball, MD* 1969-1971
    Joseph W. Scott, MD* 1971-1974
    Albrecht W. Schmitt, MD* 1974-1976
    George D. Wilbanks, Jr, MD* 1976-1978
    Duane E. Townsend, MD 1978-1980
    Winston Weese, MD* 1980-1982
    Adolf Stafl, MD, PhD* 1982-1984
    Louis Burke, MD* 1984-1986
    Kenneth L. Noller, MD 1986-1988
    Howard W. Jones III, MD* 1988-1990
    Thomas V. Sedlacek, MD* 1990-1992
    Burton A. Krumholz, MD* 1992-1994
    Leo B. Twiggs, MD 1994-1996
    Kenneth D. Hatch, MD* 1996-1998
    Gordon D. Davis, MD 1998-2000
    Edward J. Wilkinson, MD* 2000-2002
    Kathleen McIntyre-Seltman, MD 2002-2004
    Daron G. Ferris, MD 2004-2006
    Mark Spitzer, MD 2006-2008
    J. Thomas Cox, MD 2008-2009
    Thomas C. Wright, MD 2009-2010
    Charles J. Dunton, MD 2010-2011
    Hope K. Haefner, MD 2011-2012
    Alan G. Waxman, MD 2012-2013
    Teresa M. Darragh, MD 2013-2014
    Edward J. Mayeaux, Jr, MD 2014-2015
    Richard Guido, MD 2015-2016
    Michael Gold, MD 2016-2017
    Anna-Barbara Moscicki, MD 2017-2018
    Warner Huh, MD 2018-2019
    Colleen K. Stockdale, MD, MS 2019-2020
    Mark H. Einstein, MD, MS 2020- 2021
    David P. Chelmow, MD 2021-2022
    Lisa Flowers, MD, MPH 2022-2023
    Levi S. Downs, Jr., MD, MS 2023-2024


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