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    The Importance of the ASCCP Annual Meeting: A Beacon for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Women’s Health


    The ASCCP 2024 Scientific Meeting in New Orleans – a gateway to cutting-edge advancements in cervical cancer prevention and women's health – was our annual gathering to share best practices, network and learn from the leaders in our field. This meeting offered an unparalleled opportunity for experts, clinicians, researchers and advocates to come together and shape the future of women’s health, and we did just that. 

    More than just a conference, this was a dynamic environment where knowledge, networking and energy converged under one roof. The attendee experience included vital sessions that paved the way for success, featuring informative presentations on the latest advancements in cervical cancer management, HPV-related diseases and anogenital pathology. It was also a catalyst for professional growth and a platform for groundbreaking research presentations.

    Informative Sessions and Expert Panels
    The heart of the ASCCP 2024 Scientific Meeting was its rich programming. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with leading experts through a variety of sessions and expert panels. These interactions provided invaluable insights into the latest research and clinical practices, ensuring that participants departed with a deeper understanding of the field.

    Interactive Workshops and Networking Opportunities
    One of the most significant advantages of attending the Annual Meeting was the plethora of interactive workshops and networking opportunities available. These sessions were designed to foster collaboration and innovation, allowing professionals to connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe. The exchange of ideas and experiences at these workshops often leads to the development of new strategies and solutions in cervical cancer prevention.

    Who Attended
    Attendees from the ASCCP 2024 Scientific Meeting included healthcare professionals, researchers, advocates and others passionate about advancing women’s health and cervical cancer prevention. We met seasoned experts in the field, along with those just  starting their career. The diverse range of attendees ensured a rich exchange of knowledge and perspectives, enhancing the overall experience and adding value for our guests.

    Highlights of the ASCCP 2024 Scientific Meeting
    From informative sessions and expert panels to interactive workshops, the ASCCP 2024 Scientific Meeting provided a wealth of highlights. Participants engaged in the latest research, gained valuable insights and connected with industry leaders who are shaping the future of cervical cancer prevention. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to earn continuing education credits through participation in accredited activities.

    The ASCCP Annual Meeting in New Orleans was a beacon for those dedicated to cervical cancer prevention and women’s health. As a convener of this critical work, ASCCP plays a vital role in informing and engaging its constituents. By bringing together experts and advocates, the organization fosters a collaborative environment that is essential for advancing the field. 

    We hope to see you at our 2025 ASCCP Scientific Meeting on Anogenital & HPV-Related Diseases April 24-27 in San Diego, along with the many other programs we offer throughout the year. 

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