• Aug 05, 2019

    Screening Immunocompromised Women for HPV-Related Lower Genital Tract Disease (On Demand)

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    Screening Immunocompromised Women for HPV-Related Lower Genital Tract Disease (OnDemand)

    Guidelines for cervical cancer screening have continued to evolve and integrate the latest evidence to support new technologies and algorithms. Most studies reported in the literature have included low-risk populations, leaving clinicians caring for medically complex and immunocompromised women uncertain of recommended screening strategies. During the webinar, Dr. Huchko will discuss patient populations who may require intensified screening, the state of the evidence for screening in immunocompromised women and current expert opinion about recommended screening strategies.



    Megan Huchko, MD, MPH

    Megan Huchko, MD, MPH is an Associate Professor at Duke University, with dual appointments in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Duke Global Health Institute. Megan completed her residency training at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City, and a joint fellowship in Reproductive Infectious Disease and AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California, San Francisco. At Duke, she is the Associate Chief and Director of Research for the Division of Women’s Community and Population Health and runs the Center for Global Reproductive Health. She practices as an ob/gyn generalist and specializes in cervical cancer prevention through her clinical work and global women’s health research and has published many peer reviewed articles about cervical cancer screening in different populations, including HIV-infected women.


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