• Written by ASCCP Members Erin Nelson, MD, Helen Ceitjin, MD, Lauren Zoschnick, MD, and Kevin Ault, MD.

    Target Audience: This activity is intended for Residents and Residency Program Directors.

    Activity Summary: Part of ASCCP’s mission extends to assisting in the didactic training and education of Residents. ASCCP has previously created a very detailed curriculum for colposcopy, which this does NOT intend to replace. Most residency program training in colposcopy consists of a didactic component (variable) and supervised performance of colposcopy.  Time and resources are often limited for Program Directors and Residents, therefore a “best practice” or model reading program to guide didactics would be greatly beneficial. After thorough literature review, the design of a “model” colposcopy reading program was undertaken by these four ASCCP members, and the result is published here! The articles listed may not be all inclusive and judgement is to be used by each Program for use of this resource.

  • Reading Program
    Jan 10, 2017
    This programs offers access to full journal articles as well as quiz questions to provide Residents with basic knowledge of colposcopy.

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