• The ASCCP Colposcopy Mentorship Program (CMP) is a three-tiered mentorship program designed to improve the beginning colposcopists' skills in understanding the disease process of anogenital diseases. The program’s components are:

    Tier 1

    ASCCP's Comprehensive Colposcopy Course - This ACCME-accredited basic colposcopy course provides necessary didactic knowledge. Upon successful completion of the course, prospective Mentees are eligible to apply to the Mentorship Program. Information about the Comprehensive Colposcopy Course and a schedule of upcoming offerings can be found under meetings and courses.

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    Tier 2

    Supervised Mentorship Training - The period of 12 to 24 months during which time a Mentee performs 25 colposcopic examinations and determines the cytologic, colposcopic and histologic correlation under the guidance of an experienced ASCCP-approved mentor. This portion may be conducted in either a private practice or clinic setting. (Application Fee: $135.00)

    Need a Mentor? If you are an ASCCP Member, you may search the Membership Directory for potential mentors in your area.

    Tier 3

    Successful Completion of the CMP Exam - This online exam was developed by ASCCP in partnership with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Read more about this innovative collaboration which yields a "Teaching Tool" for cervical cancer screening by clicking here.

    Upon successful completion of all three tiers, Mentees are awarded a Certificate of Program Completion and may then serve as a mentor to others if they choose to do so. (Exam Fee: $135.00)

    While there is no national certification in colposcopy, the ASCCP strongly recommends the Colposcopy Mentorship Program as the minimum acceptable training for a colposcopist.

    Want to know more? Ready to apply?

    Download the CMP Booklet/Application below, send an e-mail to info@asccp.org or call (301) 857-7877.

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