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ASCCP Abstract Submission Center

Welcome to the ASCCP Abstract Submission Center

Instructions for Authors

Abstract Deadline: November 4, 2013.  All abstracts and required supporting documents must be submitted electronically by midnight ET.

Note: Only abstracts or posters by non-industry authors will be considered for presentation.

The following screens will guide you through the submission process with specific instructions for each section.   

 Direct any questions to  To proceed click here to either log in, if you have an established ASCCP account, or if a first-time ASCCP website visitor, to create a free account.

Guidelines and Basic Format:

1.  Submit in English language only.

2.  Title in bold CAPITAL LETTERS: Use significant words descriptive of subject content.

3.  Select the topic area that best describes the subject of the abstract.

4.  The proposed presenting author should enter the abstract text. All others will be listed as co-authors. The presenting author will enter the name and contact information, including email address for the other authors of the abstract.  To do so, on the following screens, search the database and if a co-author is listed, click on the Member Number to the left of their name.  If a co-author is not listed, choose Add New Contact, complete the required fields and Save, then click on their Member Number.  Each co-author will receive an email from ASCCP with instructions on how to sign in and complete their COI.

5.  Provide source(s) of financial support and disclaimers (when needed). Any and all industry support must be mentioned on one line at the end of the abstract. NOTE: Only abstracts by non-industry authors can be considered for oral presentations or awards.

6.  Use standard abbreviations and all abbreviations should be spelled out at first use.

7.  When using abbreviations for compounds, spell out in full in the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not abbreviate compounds in the title of the abstract. Use of unfamiliar abbreviations may be grounds for rejection unless definitions are supplied in the abstract.

8.  Drugs and instruments must be referred to by their generic name ONLY. When needed to specify the source of the product, the manufacturer’s name, city and state must be placed in brackets [ ] after the generic name at first use. Registered and Trademark symbols are not to be used.

9.  Provide Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusions in the sections indicated. Literature searches and case reports are not accepted.

10. Your abstract should be informative and must contain (a) the study’s specific objectives or the hypothesis of the study; (b) a brief statement of methods used (to include means for problem solving, number and relevant characteristics of subjects, and statistical analysis); (c) a summary of the results obtained; and, (d) a statement of the conclusions. Use short specific titles. It is not satisfactory to state, “The results will be discussed

11.  Information identifying the authors or study center(s) should be deleted from the body of the abstract to ensure blinded copy presentation to judges.

12.  Key words should be included and consist of 3 to 5 words or terms for indexing. Terms from the medical subject headings of Index Medicus should be used. For standard terms, please refer to

13.  Disclosure of Interest form must be completed individually by all authors to reflect any conflicts and submitted online with the abstract. Additionally, the JLGTD submission form, allowing any accepted abstract to be published in the special JLGTD supplement, must be electronically signed by the lead author on behalf of all authors.

 Abstracts will not be forwarded to the Abstract Committee for consideration, unless  a Disclosure of Conflict of Interest form for each of the authors listed on the abstract is completed. All required forms are available online. 

Cash Awards:

Manuscript submission is not required for abstract presentation, however, to be considered for all but one of the oral abstract cash awards, you must submit a complete manuscript for publication in the Society’s Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease no later than March 15, 2014.

Manuscripts are submitted through:

Questions should be directed to or the ASCCP National Office, 1530 Tilco Drive, Ste C, Frederick MD 21704.

Phone: (800) 787-7227 or (301) 733-3640      Website:

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