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Course Educational Methods (HRA)

Lectures: Course participants will attend general sessions consisting of didactic lectures covering the basic principles considered the foundation of knowledge required to evaluate, diagnose and manage HPV-related anal disease. Throughout the lectures and question and answer periods, faculty members utilize an Audience Response System. The Faculty uses these group responses to readdress items not answered correctly by the target goal percentage. This immediate feedback helps course attendees identify their own weaknesses and allows them to follow up with the faculty onsite. 

Open Question and Answer Sessions: Each lecture session concludes with an open question and answer period led by the presenter(s).  Questions are solicited from the participant and are read to the full audience. In addition, educators seek teaching opportunities at breaks to answer specific questions one-on-one. 

Pattern Recognition/Case Presentation: These breakout sessions provide intense and interactive exposure, in a small-group format, to multiple HRA images as well as anal cytology and histology. Numerous images are presented during the span of a given course allowing course participants to practice assessing for the presence or absence of disease, evaluating abnormalities, and planning treatment options. In addition, the case study sessions are designed for sharpening learners’ HRA pattern recognition skills, improving their ability in differentiating normal from abnormal conditions, and improving their differentiation skills of low-grade lesions versus high-grade lesions and cancer and management issues. 

Hands-on Sessions: Non-CME sessions on the techniques and procedures used in high-resolution anoscopy, including biopsy techniques and treatment modalities, are provided. These sessions utilize latex models to practice HRA and the identification of lesions and non-human tissue to practice biopsy and infrared coagulation techniques. Under the direct supervision of faculty, participants practice in structured simulations to perform these techniques. 

Video Session: A video session on the HRA procedure and infrared coagulation (a treatment modality) is presented. A faculty member provides orientation and commentary during the video. 

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