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ASCCP Industry Support

ASCCP seeks to meet the educational needs of our members and guests in an impartial, objective manner.  ASCCP rigorously identifies all industry relationships among its faculty, resolves any potential conflicts in accordance with ACCME standards, and reports those relationships to all individuals who participate in ASCCP’s educational offerings.

The development of any ASCCP educational activity begins with ASCCP’s Program and/or Accreditation Committee(s) through the identification of performance and practice gaps, the needs of learners that define these gaps, and the specification of the target audience and its scope of practice.  Appointed Program Directors and Authors, working under the direction of the Committee, review the necessary assessment and then develop and present the objectives, internal competency document, curriculum, delivery format, etc.  All reviews occur with attention to compliance with ACCME criteria and standards for commercial support for content development.  

ASCCP seeks to provide a high degree of transparency in our work and voluntarily discloses the source and amounts of industry support received. 

Grant Disclosures:


Company Amount   Purpose
 Hologic  $2,500 Clinical Update
 Merck & Co $20,000 Clinical Update
 Quest Diagnostics $7,500 Clinical Update
 Merck  $225,000 Educate the Educators
 Roche  $50,000 Educate the Educators
 Roche International  $25,000 Educate the Educators


Company Amount Purpose
BD $50,000 Educate the Educators



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