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Special Populations Committee

  • Complete PICSM follow up for adolescents and continue dialogue with Symposium delegates and organizations as to additional ideas for collaboration and educational outreach
    • Offer slide set to educators and identify educators and have this available on website;
    • Offer CME credits for giving talks;
    • Webcast; most frequently asked questions on website
    • Adapt educational offerings to reflect increased age to 25 if passed by September conference
  • Continue educational efforts, both CME and non-CME, on adolescent and young women screening and management issues
  • Continue to coordinate activities and publications in the journal of the Society and on its website regarding HPV vaccines in MSM and heterosexual men
    • Include data on oropharyngel cancers and external genital warts (with mention of anal cancers)
  • Coordinate with IANS regarding white paper on women and anal cancer screening.
  • Coordinate with other society members for all other special populations such as DES, immunocompromised, lesbian and transgendered, etc.
  • Add new and younger members to committee
  • Propose new initiatives complete with business plans to board



  • The ASCCP special populations committee meets three times a year, by telephone conference call. Generally these calls are in the daytime and on a weekday.
  • The committee will meet once during the Biennial Scientific Meeting, time determined by committee chairs availability.
  • Committee member must be interested in adolescents/young adults, men, and anal disease. Responsibility includes attending conference call, active participation in writing white papers, educational outreach, timely completion of assignments, advocating for special populations, generating ideas regarding educational opportunities for special populations, outreach to specific groups (e.g. family medicine, nursing)
  • When appropriate share membership related news for the ASCCP newsletter (work promotions, or work/educational awards, etc…) 
  • Participate in writing white papers as needed. 

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