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Membership Committee


  • Responsible for upholding the membership standards set by the bylaws.
  • Increase messaging around the idea of “Interdisciplinary Society”
  • Plan alternative membership pricing strategies
  • Improve member networking and interaction 

Committee Members

Kim K. Choma, DNP, APN
Kathryn E. Sharpless, MD, PhD
Sharon M. Bond, PhD, CNM, Networking Sub-Committee Chair

Members at Large:
Neetu Cheema, MD
Keran Sevenise Hill, FNP, NP
Joy Lin Pretcher, MD
Lourdes R. Ylagan, MD
Joanne Brown, APRN, DNP
Judith T. Burgis, MD
P. Patricia Cason, FNP
David P. Chelmow, MD
Beth Cronin, MD
Rebecca D. "Becky" Dorris, MSN, ARNP
Levi S. Downs, Jr., MD
William A. Hamilton, MD
Sandra M. Sulik, MD
Candice A. Tedeschi, OGNP
Jeffrey Waldman, MD
Michael A. Gold, MD, Ex-Officio
Warner K. Huh, MD, Ex-Officio

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