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International Education and Humanitarian Outreach

  • Continue educational efforts to underserved areas nationally and internationally


  • The Co-chairs of the ASCCP committee on International Education and Humanitarian Outreach have meetings on a quarterly basis addressing international training requests, strategies to improving clinician competence and performance in screening, diagnosis and treatment of HPV related lower genital tract disease and building collaborations between NGOs and academic centers for national and international screening and detection
    programs in underserved areas. These meetings occur in person during international educational initiatives or by telephone conference call. The timing of the conference calls generally occur during the weekday based on the availability of the co-chairs and active members participating in the designated educational activities. Committee members are invited to participate in the educational activities organized by the co-chairs and are welcomed to submit potential educational opportunities for review by the committee. Email is the main communication mechanism to contact committee members of all committee issues.
  • The committee meets formally during the Biennial Scientific Meeting, time determined by committee chairs availability
  • The committee activities during the Biennial Scientific Meeting include a seminar on the activities of the International Education and Humanitarian Outreach committee and an open discussion with ASCCP members who are actively or desire to be engaged in international educational activities
  • Our primary mission is to provide colposcopy education in resource poor parts of the world where the impact of cervical cancer is high
  • Committee member responsibilities includes providing educational materials for teaching courses, developing and participating in educational activities arranged by ASCCP International Education and Humanitarian Outreach or in collaboration with the committee, developing or contributing to evidence based recommendations for screening and detection of cervical disease in underserved areas
  • When appropriate share committee related news for the ASCCP newsletter (educational activities in overseas courses etc, collaborations with other NGOs or academic centers.)

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