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International Education and Humanitarian Outreach


  • Advance ASCCP’s educational efforts to low- and middle-income countries
  • The primary mission of the ASCCP International Education and Humanitarian Outreach activity is to provide experts for colposcopy education and technical assistance related to prevention of lower genital tract cancers in underserved and resource poor parts of the world.  This mission is carried out in partnership with other professional organizations, domestic and international health related organizations, and government agencies with appropriate political will whose mission is to utilize existing government funds or funds collected by societal agencies for reducing the burden of cervical cancer and other HPV-associated cancers in high prevalence areas by introducing primary and secondary disease prevention methods.  The mission also includes facilitating the building of collaborations between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic centers in underserved and low resource areas to foster improved delivery of care.
  • The Co-chairs of the ASCCP International Education and Humanitarian Outreach Committee meet quarterly to address international training requests.  Tasks include prioritizing requests based on a standard set of criteria (TBA), and planning strategies to educate local clinicians to increase competence and screening performance, on site, leading to sustainable delivery of care and ultimately to lower disease prevalence and improved patient outcomes. Meetings occur face to face if coincident to other international educational initiatives or otherwise by conference call during weekday hours.  Communication between meetings is via email. Committee members are invited to participate in the educational activities organized by the co-chairs and are welcomed to submit potential educational opportunities for review by the committee. Funding for travel and incidentals not covered by the requesting agency or limited ASCCP contributions are the responsibility of each individual activity participant.
  • Committee member responsibilities include providing educational materials for teaching courses, developing curricula and participating in educational activities arranged by the ASCCP International Education and Humanitarian Outreach activity and developing or contributing to evidence based recommendations for screening and detection of cervical precancer in underserved areas.
    When appropriate share committee related news for the ASCCP newsletter (educational activities in overseas courses etc., collaborations with other NGOs or academic centers.)
    Standard criteria:
    o   Specific training gaps and learning needs
    o   Location
    o   Ease of travel
    o   Time allotted
    o   Time of year
    o   Safety of travelers
    o   Living conditions
    o   Cost
    o   Funding
    o   ASCCP Funds available
    o   Local resources
    o   Political will

     Other sources of education/rationale for ASCCP-sponsorship vs. some other source.

Committee Members

​Ramon M. Cestero, MD
Lisa Flowers, MD

Members at Large:
​Alan G. Waxman, MD, MPH
Teresa M. Darragh, MD
Sarah Feldman, MD
Rosalyn V. Hawkins, RN
Robert D. Hilgers, MD
Jose A. Jeronimo, MD
Nancy Joste, MD
Anita L. Kostecki, MD
Lisa A. Lepine, MD
Erica Liebermann, MSN, WHNP
Rhona A. Magaril, MD
Kathleen E. Taylor, MD
Barbara A. Winkler, MD
Meggan Zsemlye, MD
Michael A. Gold, MD, Ex-Officio
Warner K. Huh, MD, Ex-Officio

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