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Education Committee

  •   **Develop and promote educational activities for the Society
  • **Oversee continuing evaluation of those educational courses and enduring materials sponsored or approved by the society
  • ** Develop new methods and new platforms for teaching colposcopy and developing educational products
  • Work with Program committee and Development Committee to maintain discrete boundaries between CME activities and industry funded projects
  • Oversee planning, implementation and evaluation of the overall CME program, exclusive of courses under the authority of the Program Committee, in relation to ASCCP mission
  • Work with Program Committee to find new markets for LGT education and Guidelines algorithm
    • Survey members of other societies regarding needs for LGT education
    • Provide speakers on LGT Disease for organizations that are non-colposcopists 
  • Evaluate pre- and post-test data and course directors evaluations to identify four gaps in knowledge that will direct
    us to develop new products or change existing products
  • Identify new educational opportunities within the U.S. and international organizations
    • E.g. 26 organizations represented in PICSM, ISSVD, Nurse-based organizations


  • The ASCCP Education Committee meets three times a year, by telephone conference call. Generally these calls are
    in the evening and on a weekday.
  • The Committee will meet once during the Biennial Scientific Meeting, time determined by committee chairs
  • During the Biennial Scientific Meeting the committee will participate in scoring oral abstract presentation, provide
    oversight of concurrent and lunch sessions (completing onsite disclosure of COI), and serves as moderators for
    concurrent sessions. 

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