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Development Committee

  • Work with the Executive Director to explore non-commercial grants that can be used to help the society achieve its mission and maintain
  • Develop collaborations with and obtain grants from commercial entities that help produce the society’s products and non-CME programs
  • Maintaining strict boundaries between CME and non-CME functions
  • Work with the Education and other appropriate committees to direct funding for specific initiatives
  • Develop new products that can enhance the Society’s revenue stream in a manner consistent with the Society’s core values 
  • Obtain commercial support for non-CME satellite symposia at the next Biennial Meeting


  • The ASCCP Development committee meets four times a year, by telephone conference call. Generally these calls are in the evening on a weekday
  • The committee will meet once during the Biennial Scientific Meeting, time determined by committee chairs availability
  • The committee activities during the Biennial Scientific Meeting include meetings with industry, time determined by committee availability
  • Committee members are expected to be ambassadors of the ASCCP to medical representatives from potential ASCCP partners
  • Committee members are expected to review and edit proposals for funding in a prompt fashion. 

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