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Awards Committee

  • Solicit, review, and submit to the Board of Directors candidates for Society Awards in a timely fashion prior to
    each annual business meeting


  • There are generally no face-to-face meetings as all communication is handled by email or conference call, as  needed
  • The call for awards goes out in the July Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, through the newsletter and is posted on the website in July of the year preceding a Biennial.
  • Committee members review the award applications received and make their recommendations to the Board of Directors prior to the end of the calendar year preceding a Biennial.
  • Award recipients are notified by letters prepared by staff and signed by the Awards’ Committee Chair.
  • Once all award nominations are approved by the Board of Directors, staff oversees the production of the plaques and other awards in time for presentation at the Biennial.
  • The names of award recipients are published in the JLGTD issue following the Biennial, posted on the website and
    announced in a newsletter. 

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