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Assessment Committee

Working with Mentorship, CRA, and Resident Education Committees, oversees and coordinates development, update, and implementation of on-line examinations using National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Teaching Tool.

With appropriate committees review on-line examinations for appropriateness and accuracy


The activities of the Assessment committee in the next year will be:

  • Review the remaining NCI/NLM images, select those appropriate for inclusion in the exams for the various committees, and vet them for reliability of colposcopic impression and biopsy sites. If these new cases can be included in the revamped tests for the August 15 start date, that would be great, but this process will probably take months and new cases can be added to the test pools at any time.
  • Review new test questions for the revised and revamped tests and share them among the three subcommittees for inclusion in their test as appropriate.
  • Assure that the three exams are updated and ready to go back on line August 15.

Committee Members


Candice A. Tedeschi, OGNP
Dennis M. O'Connor, MD, CMP Sub-committee Chair
Barbara S. Apgar, MD, Online Examination Sub-committee Co-Chair
Alan G. Waxman, MD, MPH, Online Examination Sub-committee Co-Chair
Erin L. Nelson, MD, Resident Education Sub-committee Chair

Members at Large:

Sharon M. Bond, PhD, CNM
Kim K. Choma, DNP, APN
Michelle R. Collins, MSN, CNM, RNC
Rhona A. Magaril, MD
Anna‐Barbara Moscicki, MD
Dennis M. O'Connor, MD
Dennis M. O'Connor, MD . Online Examination Member
Helen E. Rhodes, MD
Mary Rubin, RNC, PhD, CRNP
Mark Spitzer, MD
Colleen K. Stockdale, MD, MS
Kevin A. Ault, MD
Lori A. Boardman, MD
Helen E. Cejtin, MD
David P. Chelmow, MD
Lauren B. Zoschnick, MD
Meggan Zsemlye, MD
Michael A. Gold, MD, Ex-Officio
Warner K. Huh, MD. Ex-Officio

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