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ASCCP Awards

The ASCCP offers recognition to those individuals who have made significant medical, educational, professional and/or related contributions to the Society, or the field of the lower genital tract. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize the contributions of individuals of any Nationality to the field of endeavor encompassed by our Society.  The Award is for a ‘lifetime corpus of work’ in any area that has contributed to basic or clinical science or to the development of outstanding educational tools for the improvement of patient care.  A brief description of the nominee’s contributions should accompany the nomination.

Distinguished Scientific Achievement or Service Award

The "Distinguished Scientific/Service" award is the highest award offered by the Society and is presented for outstanding scientific achievement or service to the discipline of lower genital tract disorders.

Meritorious Service Award

The "Meritorious Service" award recognizes exemplary service to the Society or discipline of lower genital tract disorders.

Award of Merit for Scientific Achievement or Service

The "Award of Merit" recognizes those individuals who have served the Society in a specific capacity (e.g., Board or Committee work), or have otherwise completed a scientific activity of merit.

Burton Krumholz Lifetime Legacy Award

Recognizes an individual who has donated significant enduring materials to the society [such as images/slides sets] or been responsible for an ongoing long-term project.

Call for Nominations

​ASCCP is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Society Awards. Any member of the Society may nominate any individual (ASCCP member or non-member) for any award.  This nomination must be submitted through the online form below. Nominations should be seconded by another member of the ASCCP. 

Nominations will be reviewed by the Society's Ad-Hoc Awards Committee and then presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  Awards will be given out by the Board of Directors during the Annual Business Meeting to be held April 13, 2016 as part of the ASCCP Annual Meeting.  



Past Award Winners

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